How to get my credit approved?

Credit in Brazil can be offered in many ways, it all depends on your financial health , your goal with money and your payment planning . Today we find personal loans, credit card, financing, consortium, among other types of products. Either way you take credit, your data will go through analysis. These analyzes with public and private agencies ( SPC / KERASA , for example), are to ensure both that you can afford the debt and who is offering the credit. So you always need to take care of your data, here are valuable tips to keep your name clean and increase your chances of approved credit:

In general, when you have a debt outstanding at a company, it is common for your CPF to be enrolled in credit protection services. This is to protect both sides: protect you from debt in a more damaging way and protect the company from not receiving.


Planning your financial life is no joke

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It may seem difficult and unnecessary, but it is not. When we say ” plan your financial life ” is nothing more than understanding how much you earn (regardless of value) and knowing how to allocate your expenses. Give priority to your basic needs (rent, house bills, health, market…) and if you have other expenses, put in another priority scale.

Put your expenses on paper, in a spreadsheet or in an app. Easy to control your money is not lacking, you can do everything right from your phone, computer or calendar. Share your planning with the people who share accounts with you!


Separate a value to input

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Having an entry fee gives your profile more credibility and demonstrates that you are organized with your finances and do not have a “neck rope”, this gives you bargaining power to get the best rates and increases your chances of hearing a SIM .

Best of all, the higher the value of the down payment, the lower the value of the installments, and this keeps your debt and purchasing power at a good level. Realized that it is a virtuous cycle?


Use the guarantees you have when applying for credit

Use the guarantees you have when applying for credit

Having a good job, long-time bank account, and home ownership are important points in qualifying your profile and giving you more chances of getting approved credit, especially if you are considering a high-value loan. This qualifies you as a responsible and good paying person.


Provide your documentation

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Financial institutions take into consideration the information you provide when assessing your credit profile, so be aware of the weight of your documents when applying for a loan, credit card, financing or any financial product / service.

Therefore, to increase your chances it is essential that you have the correct and complete documentation, especially documents that prove your ability to borrow (such as pay stub, bank statement, income tax statement) and that you are a well-meaning person. and easy to find (proof of address and ID). With everything in hand you avoid a lot of mistakes and problems. Have you ever imagined being disapproved for lack of documents? No one deserves is not it? Organization is always very important, don’t forget that!


Do not waste time

Do not waste time

To check the institutions and banks you have approved credit for, go to Easy Financial . We have brought together over 40 partners on our site and app that provide credit in a variety of ways. To simulate a personal loan, for example, visit our website, log in and check which partner of ours you want to simulate a personal loan.

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